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Draft Agenda, 2nd Network Complexity Workshop, Caltech, LA

28-30 Sep 2010

1) Introduction

  • Half a day (?) intro from John Doyle on the subject
  • Some individual contributions, if someone has done more work and wants to share the results / thoughts?

2) Practical work: Use Cases

  • We invite "use cases": One person prepares a case, comparing two architectures, simliar to the ones collected at The idea is that we compare two network architectures, and STAY FOCUSED on a single use case for some time, analyse it, and try to compare the complexity of both architecures / solutions. This could be say 30-60 min intro by the presenter (probably ppt), followed by team discussion and analysis.
  • We run a few of such use cases, each a few hours?
  • We then try to apply what we worked out on a single architecture, such as the smart grid (Fred volunteered this case - other suggestions?).

3) We work out a call for papers / presentations for a PUBLIC workshop.

  • We frame the call for papers, intention, scope, etc
  • discuss which type of contributions, how, etc.
  • then make a public workshop happen as a next step.


  • the meeting should still be "closed", and limited to max 25 people. However, we need more people running networks! SPs, enterprise, etc.

Feedback welcome!

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