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"Complex systems are built out of a myriad of simple components which interact, and exhibit behaviour that is not a simple consequence of pairwise interactions, but rather, emerges from the combination of interactions at some scale."
(source: Jon Crowcroft [1])


The Collaboration Space - The Goal of this Wiki

The goal of this wiki is to address the following questions:

  • Definition: What is "network complexity"? (establish a taxonomy)
  • Questions: Which questions are we trying to solve?
  • Metrics: How can you measure it?
  • Examples: Have we observed evidence of "complexity" in real networks / the Internet?
  • Control: How can you contain / control complexity?

Workshops and Events

Previous work (Reference Section)

(please add your links, definitions, etc, in this reference section)

  • Definitions: What definitions can be found about "Network Complexity", and related terms?
  • References: Existing work, articles, references; please add your own sources, papers, etc.
  • Research: Institutes / organizations that work on complexity.
  • Other fields: What has been done in biology, astronomy, social sciences, meteorology, ...?
  • more...

Related Scientific Events

  • IEEE Computational Complexity Conference (CCC)

(feel free to add to this page, or any of the sub pages - login required, due to too much spam )

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