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This page lists a number of questions to which we have no clear, objective answer (we probably have lots of opinions - these are NOT of interest here). Note that the definition for terms like "complex" may not be clear yet, see also the Definition page. Please add your particular question to the list.

Which (SP) architecture is more complex: MPLS L3VPN with L2TPv3 or with LDP?


Which (enterprise) architecture is more complex: VRF-lite+GRE/dot1q or MPLS L3VPN based?

Description: Rather than "which" is more complex it might be better to say "when" does VRF-lite become more complex than MPLS L3VPN. A very low number of VPNs with very little change might justify VRF-lite. How many VRF-lite VPNs are manageable before switching to MPLS L3VPN is necessary?



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